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2014…Not Quite The Start I Was Expecting

How has the first full week of the new year been for you? If it hasn’t been quite as you’d expected or hoped – join the club. At almost 33 weeks pregnant, I was looking forward to the free hospital tour I’ve booked next week.  What I wasn’t expecting was the “let’s get you into triage ASAP and do you want baby portraits with that?” tour I found myself taking last Friday.

Fortunately, I wasn’t in early labor, it’s not appendicitis and the baby appears to be as healthy as an ox. But it was a good – no GREAT – reminder that even with the best laid plans, all we can ever have control over is how we react…not what actually happens.

dung fairySo here I sit, with an ice-pack strapped to my bulging belly, essentially ‘benched’ for the rest of my pregnancy – which I had hoped would be supremely healthy and at least somewhat active. Over the past 5 painful and sleepless nights, I’ve indulged in plenty of self-pity but it never got me to a destination that felt good (a tropical beach, on the other hand, would be just perfect!)

Which leaves me with two choices: I can accept the situation I’m faced with, adapt and be grateful for the many blessings I still DO have. Or I can wallow in misery like a sad, lonely hippopotamus – an animal I fear I’m already resembling.  If I truly value my sanity, the choice is clear – be a hippo. Just kidding. (It’s the other one.)

So why am I, a health coach who is supposed to be inspiring and motivating you, sharing the woes of my first week of 2014?  Well, at a time when everyone is dreaming of exciting new horizons, everlasting happiness and fabulously good fortune, you may – just like me – have been visited instead by the, er…Dung Fairy. (That’s her up there. ^)

And I want to let you know that it’s okay! Not all is lost by the arrival of this unpleasant visitor and the gift she brings.

Pick yourself up. Take a shower. Spray some perfume. Adjust. Adapt.

Life is not all or nothing. Life is fluid, with plenty of ups and plenty of downs. So plan, prepare, hope for the best – and expect it. But if you land up in What-The-Heckville as many of us do, know that the greatest ally you have is your ability to accept the facts and and make the best of the situation.

I’m pretty sure that’s the key to having a (mostly) happy 2014.

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