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Are You IIN?

People often ask me where I studied to become a health coach (the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – IIN) and whether I recommend the school…the answer is a resounding “YES”!  I’ve created this page to tell you more about IIN, how it changed my life and to provide the resources you need to decide whether it’s the right choice for you.


Before I dive in, let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are you sick?
  • Are you burned-out?
  • Do you long for a healthier lifestyle?
  • Do you wish you had a job with more meaning?

Any and all of these are great reasons to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) – the world’s largest nutrition school. As a recent graduate, I know first-hand how life-changing the experience can be!


A life-changing career that also changes lives

I stumbled upon IIN during an online search (I was looking to enroll in a masters program for nutrition). At first, I didn’t believe all the glowing reviews. I mean, seriously…over three hundred 4.9 out of 5 star reviews?  How can that be?  Don’t most people leave reviews only when they want to complain?! So with a large dose of skepticism, I read the brochure, contacted alumni for their honest feedback and then finally made a call to the school’s advisors.

To make a long story short, IIN truly IS as wonderful as it seems!

Not only are the staff and teachers amazingly warm and supportive, the curriculum is far more eye-opening than anything I ever imagined.  The best part is that you learn from experts from world-class institutions – like Harvard, Yale and Cornell – as well as other pioneers who may not be in ‘mainstream’ nutrition, but have equally fascinating ideas and concepts to share.  And despite what the school’s name implies, IIN is NOT just about nutrition. It’s about learning to live well in ALL areas in your life.

Now for the details…

  • The Health Coaching program is one year long, and upon successful completion, you are eligible to become a board certified health coach
  • Everything is done online and all of the lectures and materials are provided to you on an iPad (that you get to keep) - this is SO CONVENIENT, especially if you have a job and other commitments!
  • Every student gets their own health coach. I loved mine and it was a great opportunity to learn first-hand how health coaching works and to ask lots of questions.
  • After the year is over, you can continue (for free) with a second year program called Immersion – this program teaches you even more business skills to help you succeed.  It’s also a great way to stay connected to fellow health coaches and help each other out.
  • The course content for the first and second years have been evaluated as being worth 40 undergraduate college credits. This can be very helpful if you’re planning to continue your studies (as I am).  Be sure to check with your institution to make sure they recognize these credits.


Want to learn more?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions – I love speaking with people who are passionate about wellness!

As an Ambassador for the school, I’m notified of special discounts on tuition. If you’re ready to enroll, feel free to contact me to see if I can help you save.