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An extension of my 21-Day Clean Up Your Diet™ Program, this online weight loss program is designed so that in 30 days flat you’ll be looking and feeling better than you have in months. Years. Maybe decades. Maybe centuries, if you’ve over 100. Wink.


Pretty girl eating fruit saladPicture This: A health coach tells you exactly how to eat for an entire 30 days, and you (finally!) get healthy and lose those extra pounds once and for all – without falling off track. Because that’s always what happens, isn’t it? You have the best intentions, but then something happens, and the best laid plans for your health – and new self – go awry. Falling off track is no fun at all – especially when you’ve tried so many times to commit yourself to your health.

It can crush your self-esteem. Break your self-love. And cause little hateful remarks to scrape away at your conscience. Falling off track and not having it together can make you feel like something’s way wrong with you. (Why did I have to have two pieces of cake?!) Like you’re not disciplined enough. (More cake!) Or strong enough. (Forget it, give me cake.) Or good enough. (Why. Can’t. I. Stop. Eating. Cake.) And, as for “bathing suit season” – forget it – you’ve already enrolled yourself in the swimsuit-cover-up-club for eternity.

Except there’s REALLY good news: You don’t have to!

You are disciplined enough. You are strong enough. And you are good enough. You aren’t doomed to live in sarongs and billowy tops forever. The secret? You just have to learn how to eat right.

My Healthy Is Sexy online course is so much more than just an (amazing!) online nutrition program. It’s an entire community of like-minded women who believe in you. Who believe in the power of good, soul-nourishing nutrition.
 Who believe it’s about more than just how your body looks – it’s about how you feel IN it.

This program is designed to help you figure out what, exactly, to put within. To figure out how to find you most healthy, slim and sexy self the right way. No fad diets. No grapefruits and cottage cheese meal plans. No B.S.


  • You’ll lose 4-5 pounds in the first five days, and 5-15 pounds total after 30 days. “Hello, jeans-I-haven’t-worn-in-5-years!”
  • You’ll have enough energy to tackle a tiger during the day (not recommended), and a much more restful sleep at night.
  • Your skin will become so glowingly vibrant and clear, you’ll wonder if you should have been a Neutrogena model.
  • Your mood will catapult into a steady state of happiness blended with bliss—and a dash of sexy spring-in-your-step.
  • You won’t have to think about anything. Except maybe how good it’ll feel when the future slim you saunters into your high school reunion, confidently grabs a glass of wine, and makes the former mean girl green with envy. With Healthy Is Sexy 30-Day Nutrition Program, your meal plans, smoothies, snacks and supplements are shipped straight to your door, and all you have to do is open the box, and enjoy.
  • You will not get hungry. Hungry isn’t healthy. You’ll eat five yummy meals and snacks each day, and you’ll love ‘em all. (Beats a chemical-laden, tiny-portioned microwave meal any day, right?)
  • You’ll have the support of others currently enrolled in the Clean Up Your Diet™ Program. With our online forum of over 200 women, you’ll find the inspiration—and motivation—to keep on going. Even when it feels so darn hard. (Because sometimes, it will.)
  • You’ll even benefit in other fun ways, too, like saving on your monthly grocery bill, being more productive in your home and work life (clear minds are the best productivity tool out there), and the knowledge that you’re becoming the woman you always dreamed you would be (and already are..if you’ll just let her shine).


All of the content that’s included in my 21-Day Clean Up Your Diet™ Program (That’s a LOT of awesome content, be sure to check it out!)
Beyond the content in the 21-day program, you’ll receive additional education specific to the science of weight loss, delivered online via videos, hand-outs and action steps.

  • 5-Day RESET, a “never-feel-hungry” five day program done with healthy smoothies and nutrition bars (Note: This is all natural, baby. No junk or stimulants. Just cleansing foods.)
  • 5-Day RESET support emails, including an email each morning with tips, inspiration and updates
  • 30-day supply of healthy, delicious breakfast smoothies designed to jump-start your journey
  • 30-day supply of the #1 rated multivitamin in North America (because this is WAY more important than most people think)
  • 30-day supply of the #1 rated fish oil in North America (again, you’ll be surprised by the effect)
  • 30-day supply of yummy nutrition bar snacks
  • In total, 43 meal replacement smoothies and 38 snacks included in the cost of the program (WHAT A DEAL!)
  • Shopping lists and recipes you can personalize toward your tastes so you know exactly what to eat that’s enjoyable but also keeps you healthy
  • Food charts, handouts and tons of other resources to continue on with your new healthy, slim and sexy self!
  • Access to the Clean Up Your Diet™ Nutrition Program online forum for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation
  • Lifetime access to all program content and resources
  • A new body, a new life, a new perspective, and unlimited possibility!

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Beautiful young woman using laptop and smilingUpon registration you’ll receive immediate access to your Getting Started Guide with loads of information on how to clean up your diet and lifestyle, including your suggested shopping list and resource guide to make your program a success. Once the program begins, you’ll get an email from me every day for 21 days with videos, handouts, tips, action items, recipes and heart-centered vibes that will teach you everything you need to know to eat and live well. (And don’t worry, you can do everything at your own pace — you won’t be a slave to this program.) All of the content is yours to keep forever and ever. During the program you’ll also take your custom AM and PM supplement packs and probiotics (included in the cost of your program) so you can feel the effects of what optimal levels of nutrients can do for your body.

You’ll also use the 5-Day RESET - delicious, healthy smoothies, and nutrition bars during your program to help stabilize your blood sugar and jump-start your weight loss. Once your product box arrives, you’ll do the 5-day RESET, then have a healthy smoothie each morning for breakfast and a yummy nutrition bar for a snack for the duration of your program. You’ll be eating 5-6 small meals each day and will not feel hungry.

After the 5-Day RESET, during days 6-30, you’ll drink a healthy breakfast smoothie for a delicious start to your day and enjoy a yummy nutrition bar as a snack at any time you choose – both included in the cost of your program. You’ll still be eating 5-6 times each day, enjoying two other healthy, low-glycemic meals and another healthy snack during the day.


Huge changes can be made in a small amount of time.
 If you think this program is for you, click on the button to register.

I’ll be waiting for you as you begin your life-changing adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between this program and your 21-Day Clean Up Your Diet program?

My Weight-Loss Program contains the same content as my 21-day Clean Up Your Diet Program, with the addition of a 5-day healthy cleanse done with smoothies and nutrition bars, and additional smoothies and bars used as meals and snacks throughout the 30-day program. There’s no need to register for both; the 30-day program is simply an extension of the 21-day program and is for individuals who want to lose weight using healthy smoothies and nutrition bars as meal and snack replacements. Some people lose a little weight on their own during the 21-day program simply from cleaning up their eating habits. However, some people need and/or prefer a little extra structure and guidance on their weight loss journey and prefer to use my healthy cleanse, smoothies and bars.

Who can join?

Everyone! Participants just have to be over the age of 18 years old and not currently a distributor (associate) of or preferred customer of my product partner, USANA Health Sciences. Location doesn’t matter, all of the program content is delivered to your email inbox, and your supplement box will be delivered to your doorstep. (Prices may vary outside the US, contact us for details.)

What’s the time commitment?

On average each week, you’ll spend about 1-2 hours watching the videos, reading handouts and completing the daily content. You can go through the information at your own pace; if you want to set time aside daily that’s great, or some people save up the week’s emails/content and go through them all on the weekend, and that’s great, too! We find these time frames are the perfect amount of training for you to learn a ton and digest the information, while still fitting easily into your busy life. You have access to your materials for life, so you can always pause your learning and restart when the time is right.

Can men join this program? (You bet!)

Men can absolutely join! In fact, we encourage it. Only one day of the program focuses on female-specific info. Our online Facebook forum is for ladies only, but men are more than welcome to join will receive the same supplement package (equally good for men as it is for women) and access to all daily content.

I’m so busy, will this program fit into my schedule?

Yes, the entire program was created to easily fit into your day-to-day life. All of the content is delivered online and done on your own time. The content is also yours to keep, so you’ll always be able to refer back to it.

What happens if I fall behind and need more time?

Not to worry at all. Since all of the content is done at your own pace, you can choose to go through it daily, or save it up for a day(s) that works better for you. There’s no homework, so you’ll never be “behind.” The content is yours to keep, so you’ll always be able to refer back to it.

Are there any ‘liquid-only’ days?

Nope. And I’m not a big fan of any cleanses or detoxes that have “liquid only” days where you basically subside on some kind of sugar water. Doing so slows down your metabolism, is completely unnecessary, and isn’t good for your mental health, either.

Can this program help me lose more than 15lbs?

Yes, if your goal is to lose more than 12-15lbs, we can adapt the program to help you get there. We’ve had people use this program to lose as little at five and as much as 75lbs (over 13 months).We can put you on our two nutrition smoothie per day plan after the first five days to help you achieve your weight loss goal of more than 12-15lbs. You can select this option on the registration form for only $90 more. That’s 28 more meals for only $90!

Will I feel hungry on this program?

Not at all. In fact, a cornerstone of the program is identifying and managing cravings and hunger.

Are the supplements you use healthy and/or organic?

We take what we (and you!) put in our mouths VERY seriously. We looked long and hard for the best supplements on the market and chose the ones in this program because of their pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing practices, which is a higher-standard than organic. What’s on the label is guaranteed to be in the bottle, and over 600 Olympic and professional athletes trust only this brand. Also, each of the smoothies and bars are made from natural sources and are certified low glycemic. Each smoothie and bar contains less sugar than an apple and is free of artificial sweeteners and colorings.

Is this program gluten-free?

All supplements and products that are included in the cost of your program are gluten-free. You will be preparing your own food during the 21 days (or dining out) based on your own bioindividual needs. If you’d like your 21 days to be gluten-free that is 100% doable.

Is this program good on my budget?

It sure is! You’ll receive 43 delicious nutrition smoothies for meals and 38 yummy nutrition bars for snacks included in the cost, so most people find that they actually save money on their grocery and food bills over the course of the program.

What is your refund policy?

I treat my digital and online offerings the same way as most audio and book retailers: I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed (industry standard) or custom supplement packs (again, industry standard.) This program is non-refundable, please read the full program details and frequently asked questions before purchasing. That said, I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund, this program is loaded with useful information. Again, please read the entire program details page before purchasing.